California Department of Transportation


303(d) List and TMDLs 2012(Legend)

Areas of Special Biological Significance

Arid and Semi-Arid Regions

Caltrans Districts

Caltrans Facilities (Legend)

Caltrans Tier 1 Monitoring Sites

Calwater Watersheds

Coastal Zone


Geologic Map (Legend)

High Risk Receiving Watersheds

Monthly Precipitation

MS4 Areas

Post Miles

RWQCB Boundaries

USGS Topo Maps

Watershed Boundary Dataset

Zip Codes

Soil Loss Factors

Erosivity Index

Soils (K Factors)

R Factor (calculations)

LS Factor

Compliance Storm Events

5-yr 24-hr North

10-yr 24-hr North

5-yr 24-hr South

10-yr 24-hr South

Distance and Area

Feet:  0
Acres:  0

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